Ever Heard Of Deconstructed Pizza? Here’s All You Need To Know!

If there’s anything that’s keeping us sane from all the GOT and Avengers-waiting-anxiety, it is Pizza! Hands down the best thing ever made. But what if we told you that Pizzas just got a makeover,only to become more tasty,cheesy and delicious. Scroll Down to know more about this Firangi Makeover of The good old classic lover(No,Not Peter Kavinsky).

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Touted to be the first ever Pizzeria in North Campus,Paparizza in Hudson Lane is giving us major lust for crust goals through a wide menu dedicated to Pizza and everything yummy. Their Highlight is the much sought after Deconstructed Pizza which dispels away the trouble of Soggy Pizzas. Nibble at the Star of the show,which is oozing out with a lot of cheese and perfectly seasoned veggies. The pizza crust is served separately seasoned and hand roasted(don’t worry it is cut into smaller pieces) along with our fave toppings spattered with more cheese. So Dilliwassis, Save the drool and get going already!

PS- This place has an Uber Cool vibe and scores full points for hygiene.

Where| 2520 Ground floor, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, Delhi 110009

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