The Ultimate High-Street of Gurugram, That’s Right, it’s your Hub: DLF Cyberhub! The one and only, and the Best of the Best!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Where is this Ultimate Highstreet Destination which caters to all your needs and amuses? Well, you guessed it right, we are talking about DLF Cyberhub! Mostly because it never fails to bring the best of everything. Oh, and they have top-notch brands and places that bring to you just what you need and what is right for you! From retail stores like Uniqlo, Marks & Spencer, Decathlon to Modern Bazaar and Crossword, they have it all! 

What To Expect?

There’s almost nothing that you can’t find here! If you wanna enjoy leisure time at a cafe & bakery, you can head for the scrumptious, drool-worthy treats at Big Chill Cakery, Theos, Angels in my Kitchen, or the go-to Starbucks. This place also offers blissful places for a pleasant dine-in time with your family, such as – Coco Ichibanya, Farzi Cafe, Made in Punjab, Foxtrot and the delightful Mamagoto! It’s like, DLF Cyberhub knows how to serve y’all foodies, out there!

What You’ll Love?

You’re probably already in love with our favorite destination! Here are some more reasons to add to the list. They have all your favorite quick-service restaurants to grab finger-licking comfort food while you shop! From Aku’s Brrgrr, Khan Chacha, Taco Bell, McD’s to Doner & Gyros, Pizza Hut, Chai Point, and Fat Tiger, there’s everything. AND, wait till you know that you can get your gang to celebrate New Years here at THE best party places like Soi 7, Raasta, Imperfecto, Sutra, The Drunken Botanist, and Underdoggs. Seems like, they are really the ultimate go-to for all of us! 

Bottom Line

So, you know where to head to, next time you need, um, anything!


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