The Town’s Gonna Get Its IKEA Shopping Centre Soon & We Cannot Keep Calm

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Don’t we love to add the best of everything to our homes? Well well, there’s something happy for you that’ll make you wanna plan to add all good things to your house! Our very own love, IKEA is all set to open its first shopping center in India. YES, you heard it right! So, this is exactly what you’ll love. Find out more about this good and amazing news and read on!

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What To Expect?

This news is going to be all sorts of happy because this is the first shopping center after the stores in the country! It has been said that a 48,000 square-meter plot is allocated for the same, in Noida. Isn’t that just amazing? So much of IKEA all in one place. The store has furniture and home decor accessories, with a collection that is sure to add some jazz to your home!

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What You’ll Love?

It will announce more detailed plans for the project in the near future and that makes us happier! They have everything ranging from kitchenware, homeware, and utilization products to beds and armchairs. We say, get ready to hoard on some lovely accessories and make your place, your home!

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Bottom Line

IKEA is gonna make a lot of people happy and that’s for sure!

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