The Only Festival You Must Look Out For This Summer Is Just 6 Days Away!

For most of us, the weekend kicks off on Friday evening. But if you’re one of those who wished it started a tad bit early, we’re giving you the perfect reason! Come out and chill with some beer, food and tons of musical acts! The BFF Festival is the perfect excuse to go MAD indulging in some heartwarming snacks as the day wears out.

So, why do we call beer our best friend? Beer is known to bring people together; it helps to break the ice and is the perfect tag along buddy on a hot summer day. So, pick up your favourite bottle of beer, drink some, chat some and make merry throughout the day as you indulge in some mind blowing beer games!

Besides the fact that you will get to drink tons of beer here’s a little something to get you excited! Since beer and friends are like conjoined twins and beer helps us in getting the conversation started and well…dost toh dost hota hai, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy 3 days of binge drinking and hogging on some chakhna with your BFFs!

Especially if we tell you that your Fridays will never be the same again! With interactive and possibly the most fun drinking activities – BFF festival will feature beer pong, beer yoga and beer relay. So, by the end of the day, if your soul doesn’t get a tad bit tipsy, we highly recommend you come for the entire festival – a 3-day extravaganza unheard of in Delhi!

The Festival will offer 15-20 food brands – some of Delhi’s best and of course, your favourite too! Feel like munching on delightful meaty delights or some exotic vegetarian meals? The 3 days (4th, 5th and 6th August) will prove to be the best three days of your life as you celebrate your love for beer and friends – all under one roof!

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