The Nerdy Indian Café Is Every Bibliophile & Foodie’s Dream And Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Know It All In 30 Seconds

We love cafes with cozy spaces and a pretty ambience, but also someplace with good food. AND, we know of a cafe with all of it and so much more! You guessed it right, we are talking about The Nerdy Indian Cafe. If you know this place or if you don’t, here’s a list of reasons why this is the perfect go-to for a good time!

1. Books For Free On Your Meals


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The major reason why this cafe is different and cooler is that this book cafe gives you a book if you buy a meal for over INR 500! Isn’t that great? So, this is definitely a treat for all the bibliophiles.

2. Unique & Elaborate Menu

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The Nerdy Indian Cafe has some great options of food to choose from, they are many! So you not only get regular pizzas and kinds of pasta but some great desserts and the amazing Amritsari Kulcha!

3. Great Decor & Vibes

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You’ll know for yourself when you enter, that this cafe has very sweet decor! The vibes are so great in here that you’d want to visit again and again and why not?

4. Fusion Food

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The food here does not only have a great variety but also has fusion options like the Vada Pav, Kheergasm and so much more! So this cafe experience is sure to be a different one for you!

5. Variety Of Momos

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From steamed and tandoori, to butter chicken momos, this place has it all! And the drool-worthy momos will make you want to be here, every other day!

Bottom Line

A treat for all the nerds who are also foodies!

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