Dig Into This Pizza Pot Pie @INR 240 On The Occasional, Messy Cheat Days

If you’e having trouble digesting the title, then what’s coming next will drive you nuts! The Little Cafe in Prashant Vihar offers the best pizza in town, simply because it dishes out a gooey pizza pot pie. And damn man, it’s the best thing you’ll get your hands on! 😉

What to expect at The Little Cafe in Prashant Vihar

So, quite frankly, it’s really the pizza pot pie here at The Little Cafe the reason why we keep coming back here.

Once the bowl is cut open, the cheese, toppings and sauce start pouring out onto the plate. It’s not a pretty sight but damn it’s good! *slurps*

In fact, this pizza alone is topping our list of things to try before we die! It comes two ways: veg and non veg; covers an 8 inch pot and GOD, it punches you with a cheesy burst of deliciousness.

Besides, you can even order home the pizza pot pie. And, trust us, every minute that you wait for it to arrive is worth it! Because once you start chowing down, you’ll never wanna try anything else.

What we love about The Little Cafe in Prashant Vihar

So, usually you would expect a dish like this to cost a lot. But the good people here at The Little Cafe offer the pizza pot pie for just INR 260 (for non veg, 240 for veg). Which, frankly, is quite cheap considering the sheer size of the pizza.

In fact, we’re friggin’ excited about this that it’s worth busting our ass in the metro to go try it!! 😛

Bottom Line

If you love cheese and pizza, then you have to go here! No second thoughts!!

Where | Ground floor, Fun City Mall, Prashant Vihar

Google Maps | Click Here

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/The-Little-Cafe-1253798531348067/

Price For Two | INR 650

Other Things To Try | Butter Chicken Hotdog, Grilled Paneer Platter, Brownie Bomb Freakshake

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