No Work Tomorrow? Party Till 5 AM At This Alfresco Pub In Gurugram

The Forestta

Despite being the party capital of Delhi-NCR, it’s hard to find party spots in Gurugram. Well, thank god for The Forestta!! 😉 It’s possibly the only place in Delhi-NCR that stays open till 5 AM. And the party doesn’t start until you’ve downed a few drinks, the DJ starts playing your song and bam! You get your groove on man!! 😛

What to expect at The Forestta

Okay, firstly, the place has the largest dance floor in town because you can literally dance in every nook and corner!

Secondly, it has a bright blue lake flowing through the entire place. Which, frankly, makes it a place that can you either drown in and never leave or you’ll come here every day and party hard!!

The Forestta also has these huts where you can have a chill time with your friends, away from the rest of the crowd. Moreover, if you wanna really get down with the other partygoers, we would definitely recommend showing off those dance moves in the tunnel.

What we love about The Forestta

Basically, the entire place is brightly lit upSo, if you end up showing off those dance moves, you’d definitely attract quite a crowd. And who knows, it might just work better than Tinder. 😛

Its tastefully curated ambience has something not many clubs in Delhi-NCR offer. The entire place is open air, so you can expect people to rage through the night as the drinks flow, the music becomes groovy and you light the dance floor on fire!

Bottom Line

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Got it?

Where | Plot 27, Opposite Alchemist Hospital, Saraswati Kunj, Suncity, Sector 54

Price For Two | INR 1,200

Timings | 6:30 PM – 5 AM

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