The Famous Play ‘Hamlet’ By William Shakespeare Is Being Enacted With A Dramatic Twist!

hamlet DforDelhi

Know It All In 30 Seconds

The very famous tale of hamlet which is no doubt loved and heard by everyone is being enacted as a play by the people of Abhigyan Theatre, who have been doing this play for the past 25 years. Witness how the story unfolds by attending this great show.

hamlet DforDelhi
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What To Expect?

The play deals with some real-life instances too, surrounded by Hamlet, the real story itself. Get to watch Hamlet with a twist at this event. The story revolves around a fictitious Abhigyan Theatre Group and how different characters find similarities with Shakespeare’s Hamlet and how they connect to the real Hamlet characters. If you are really a fan of watching theatrical representations of plays, then this one is a must-attend for sure.

hamlet DforDelhi
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What You’ll Love?

Being doing it for 25 years and has been loved by people since, how polished and crisp the play would be now? Get to experience a thrilling theatre play and enjoy watching how the characters dwell so much into it.

hamlet DforDelhi
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Bottom Line

The curse of Hamlet awaits!

When | 6 PM, 21st December 2019

Where | Akshara Theatre, Delhi,11-B, Baba Kharak Singh Marg. Next to RML Hospital exit no. 5

Location | Here

Tickets | Here

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