Tales of Partition Through Literature. Let’s Rewind Time A Little

Know-It-All In 30 Seconds

The tales of partition are painful and heartwrenching to hear and read about. We know the fact that literature is born from pain and suffering. Experience an afternoon filled with tales of partition in the form of literature at the Walled City Cafe in the bylanes of Chandni Chowk!

What To Expect?

‘Art Pickles’ and ‘The Walled City Cafe’ call you all to spend an afternoon discussing the literature based on partition. The program centers around the literature in the Indian sub-continent during the great partition of 1947, interestingly presented by enactment or retelling of the famous stories written with the background of the partition. This session is going to get intense!

What You’ll Love About It?

The best part about this event is the artists who will be sharing pieces of literature with the audience. Here are a list of stories that will be discussed and the artists who will discuss it:
1. Samaresh Basu: Adab
2. Manto: Khol Do
3. Varun Grover: Harihar Vichittar
4. Tamas: Bhisma Sahani

Bottom Line

The subject of discussion matches perfectly with the ambiance of the cafe. ‘The Walled City Cafe’ in the bylanes of Chandni Chowk near Jama Masjid is just the right fit. Great food, amazing shakes, and stories to share. This is going to be an eventful Sunday!

When | 17th 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Where | The Walled City Cafe

Location | Click Here

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