We Can’t Keep Calm ‘Coz Talenttatoo Is Back With It’s New Set Of Contests

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Have you checked out the talenttatoo website of late? If not, rush to the website right away ‘coz an all-new array of contests has already come up for y’all. Talenttatoo, the first online reality show platform in India, had set the ball rolling with its first set of contests a month ago. Some of the older contests are still live, but their end dates aren’t far enough, so you gotta hurry up!

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What To Expect?

The one-of-its kinda talent platform, talenttatoo, lets you flaunt your talent to the world by bringing to you a slew of online contests in 22 talent categories. The live competitions on talenttatoo are as follows:

LIVE Contests:


Last Date To Participate | 31st Aug 2019

     2.Western Dance

Last Date To Participate | 31st Aug 2019

  1. Singing – Indian 

Last Date To Participate | 31st Aug 2019

  1. Singing – Western

Last Date To Participate | 31st Aug 2019

     5. Magic

Last Date To Participate | 4th Sept 2019

    6. Dance-Indian Classical

Last Date To Participate | 13th Sept 2019

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What You’ll Love?

You simply need to upload your talent video to earn as many votes as possible from all across the country. And if you turn out to be a winner, you can snag exciting goodies from talenttatoo (like amazon coupons), along with a free mentorship from our experts and jury. Also, you’ll get wide visibility through talenttatoo website and social media platforms.

Steps To Participate:

  1. Register on https://www.talenttattoo.com/ and create your profile.
  2. Go to the LIVE contest 
  3. Upload your video 
  4. Try to get maximum no. of votes

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Bottom Line

Gear up for the ultimate fame game by signing up at talenttatoo.

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