Take Away A Total Prize Pool Of Rs. 2 Lacs If You Can Finish This Thaali Off In 40 Minutes!

bahubali thali, ardor 2.1

Know It All In 30 Seconds

If you feel like you’re the biggest bhukkad of all times, then dare your conscious and head over to Ardor 2.1 to try their Bahubali Thaali and if you really could eat it under 40 minutes, then you’ll brag away 2 lac rupees with you. Feeling reach already?

bahubali thali, ardor 2.1

What To Expect

As the name suggests, you get a big thaali including heapful amount of variety of food that you’ll get tired of eating but it will not come to an end. A perfect thaali for all you and your bhukkad friends out there.

aardor 2.1

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What You’ll Love

Ardor 2.1 has put out a challenge that if you along with your one friend can finish this off in under 40 min., then you can win a total amount of Rs. 2,00,000 and they are damn serious about it. Yes, you get paid for eating, feels like a dream job right?


Bottom Line

Can’t say about Mahishmati, but this thaali will surely make you feel like King of Thaali!!


Where | Ardor 2.1, Outer Circle, Connaught Place

Price For Thaali |

Veg | Rs. 2500 (approx.)

Non-Veg | Rs. 3000 (approx.)

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