Tacos Just Got Hitched To Kulchas! Grab Delish Tacoolchas At This Food Joint In Dwarka

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If you’re a true Delhite, you must be a huge fan of kulchas. And if you adore tacos too, then we gotta utter something that you’ll defo love to hear out!  This dainty food stall in Vardhman Mall, Dwarka spells out these mouth-watering whole wheat tacoolchas at drop-dead affordable prices!

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What To Expect?

Tacoolchas are kulchas shaped like tacos, loaded with lots of veggies, cheese, almond, cashew and more! A heavenly bite of this scrummy savoury is sure to give a roller-coaster ride to your taste buds! You’ll simply end up craving for more of ’em.

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What You’ll Love?

While scoffing down spicy fast foods, we often don’t think much ’bout the nutritional factor. But these cheesy, yummy tacoolchas won’t let you compromise with your health. They’re crafted out of 100 percent fresh whole wheat and are infused with sauces that are low in sugar and fat. And the guys at tacoolcha say absolutely ‘No’ to maida. While you head over here, you can try your taste buds on about 20 kinds of tacoolchas, including Classic Chicken Tacoolcha, Veggie Loaded Tacoolcha, Chilly Cheese Tacoolcha and more!

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Bottom Line

Drop by this store ASAP to gobble up these zesty, nutritious delicacies! Hurry!

Where | Shop No. G-80, Vardhman Mall, Dwarka , Sector 7, New Delhi

When | 9 A.M. To 11 P.M.

Price | ₹300 for Two

Location | Here

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