Swimmers Gear Up! Delhi International Swimathon Championship Is Here

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Think you’re a très bon swimmer? Then pull out your pool costumes right away ‘coz The Delhi International Swimathon Championship 2019 is just a month away!

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What To Expect?

DISC is a phenomenal platform that will let you take your swimming skills to the next level! And if you register right now, you’ll get enough scope to brush up your skills ‘coz the swimming coaches here will train you themselves.

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What You’ll Love?

There’re oodles of categories from where you can pick up to sport your prowess in swimming. Here are the categories:

  • Ultra 10 kms
  • Major 5 kms
  • Iron 3.8K
  • Half Iron of 1.9 Kms
  • Sprint -500 Meters
  • Super Sprint 200 Meters
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Bottom Line

If you have a pash for swimming, register ASAP to get, set and dive into the water!

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