Surprise Yourself With Fun And Adventure: 7 Eccentric Places In Gurgaon That You Never Knew Existed

Know It All In 30 Seconds

A good time, with family or friends, in places that you newly explored is what we call fun! For this and much more, here’s a list of eccentric places in Gurgaon that you might not know exist. We say, go and explore the nooks now, you might just love it!

1.  Camp Wild

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This adventure camp offers day trips and night stays, it is the perfect way to spend your time over a weekend with family and friends! So visit Camp Wild for a great time.

2. Damdama Lake

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The lake in Sohna district of Haryana is where you should rush for a good time with soothing vibes! To spend your weekend by a lake for a picnic or just a getaway, sounds great, right?

3. Museo Camera

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For photographers and camera enthusiasts, this is the spot! It will be like a dream come true if you like vintage cameras and they interest you. We say, definitely visit this museum for what is in store!

4.  Never Enuf Garden Railway

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Based on rail-modeling, this miniature landscape is a treat for all the train enthusiasts! Trust us when we say that you’ll have fun in this amazing destination and you definitely need to visit this place with your family.

5. Sai Ka Angan

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You might not have visited or heard a lot about this temple but it definitely needs a visit if you believe in vibes! Sai ka Angan has soothing vibes and the kind of peace we all love.

6. Heritage Transport Musem

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India’s major museum dealing with the history of human transportation! If you call yourself a museum nerd then you should definitely visit this place and you will have a good time with a lot of fun.

7. Sheesh Mahal

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For a good time, in a historic place, with stories and backdrops that will be great for your insta uploads, this is the place! Visit the Sheesh Mahal if you’re a digger for everything royal.

Bottom Line

it’s time that you explore new places and visit them to know what you’ve been missing out on!

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