Did You Hear? Supreme Court To Ban Liquor In Cyber Hub Soon!

Supreme Court

Some sad Tuesday news for the soul? We know its not nice to spread sad news. But then if daaru is going to be banned, tog naya joint dhunda toh banta hai yaar! So, the news is that Cyber Hub might soon go dry starting 1st April. Sure, it can be an April fool’s day joke but Supreme Court ne bola hai yaar! And when was the last time Supreme Court joked around with its mandates huh?

30 Second Window:

  • 34 bars in DLF Cyber Hub will soon be going dry after the honourable Supreme Court mandated that sale of liquor will not be allowed within 500 metres of national & state highways.
  • The excise department identified another 109 pubs & 43 liquor vendors operating near highways that could lose their licences starting April 1 in compliance with the apex court order.
  • And the saddest news? Bars in several five-star hotels & resorts might also fall under this new mandate!

Supreme Court

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you start looking for thekas & pubs that are as farther away from national & state highways as possible!

On December 15, the Supreme Court had directed states & union territories to stop sale of liquor within 500 metres of national and the state highways. And the worst part? Even the service lane thekas will not be allowed to sell liquor!

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