Sunder Nursery – A Perfect Excursion Spot To Visit This Winter & Here Are 5 Reasons Why!

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This winter calls for you to spend a day at the garden. Sunder Nursery is an ideal picnic spot to spend some quality time with friends or family. Below are the 5 reasons Why to visit it this season.

1. Soak up the winter sun

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There’s nothing better than soaking up the winter sun in a garden while reading your favorite book or munching on some snacks. Absorb that vitamin D and get your sun-kissed glow on!

2. Drop by the organic Farmers Market

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If visiting you must check out this farmers market. They have everything from freshly farm produced products to beverages, groceries, craftsy products, and what not! Take a breather and nourish your body with some delish organic produce.

Timings: 9am to 2pm

3. Click Instagram worthy pictures

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This garden is a perfect spot to click some good Instagram pictures. Natural sunlight and gorgeous skies make for killer view to click that aesthetic garden picture. If visiting with friends or family don’t miss out on clicking some uber cool squad pictures.

4. A lakeside Cafe

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What can be better than a lakeside cafe in a garden. Fabcafe has an exquisite range of breakfast and lunch options to gobble up some nice food. You cannot miss on that great cuppa coffee and a lovely twilight.

5. A much needed Therapy Session

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Catching up on those midday sunsets, long walks, and plush outdoors feels like a much required therapy session on a bright wintery day. Meaningful conversations with your other half on a day at the park also sounds like a fun plan to make.

Bottom line

Reset, refresh, and rejuvenate yourself by spending a day at the Sunder Nursey!

P.S. We request you all to follow proper social norms during the Pandemic. Stay safe and healthy.

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