This Tea Stall In North Campus Is Every D.U Students Favourite ‘Tapri’

Dear Delhi is full of quaint places and little-cozy spots as simple as a tea stall, a momo stall or even a florist, This city is nothing less than a dream. One such place in the expansive North Campus, a place that has an aura of its own and is one of the most popular places when it comes to eating good in prices like peanuts.

Sudama Tea Stall is one of the most popular tea stalls in the North Campus area and has been there for about 30 years now. The stall is located outside Ramjas College, the stall is between the path of Kirori Mal College and Rajmas College. Locating the stall won’t be an issue because it is always surrounded by people including students, passersby, visitors and more.

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Prices at just 10 rupees, the tea is filled with aromatic fragrances of all kinds and it gets even better with the accompanying snacks to go with your cup of piping-hot tea. From chai-sutta conversations about politics, college, relationships and many more chit-chat sessions, this stall attracts everyone around North Campus.

What’s incredible about it is that it’s open till midnight and it comes alive even at night as students come in a bunch to hang out to share a peaceful moment, couples stroll till late with cups of boiling hot ‘chai’ made the best.


Where I On the main road between KMC and Ramjas

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