Defying Science: 7 Strange Places Around India That Will Make You Go – WTH!

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India has a ton of gems and even more mysteries that literally has no logical explanation to it. These are only a few!

1. The Magnetic Hill

Amidst the enchanting beauty of Leh is this strange phenomena. Drive up here and your car shall be pulled up even with the ignition off!

Where | Leh, Ladakh

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2. The Lake Of Skeletons

It is during the warmer seasons that a bunch of skeletons just emerge from the depths of this lake – many as old as 1200 years!

Where | Roopkund Lake, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

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3. The Bullet Baba’s Shrine

The Bullet that once belonged to Mr. Om Banna, who died at the same spot as the shrine had some truly strange antics to it. Post the accident, every time the police attempted to move the bike, it somehow found its way back to the spot.

Where | Bandai, Rajasthan

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4. The Village Of The Snakes

A village where every house has a denoted resting place for snakes, such as cobras. Additionally, no snake has ever bitten any villager!

Where | Shetpal Village, Maharashtra

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5. Beach That Whispers

Rumours has it! This beach that once served as a burial ground for Hindus whispers something every evening to its visitors.

Where | Dumas Beach, Gujarat

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6. Temple Of The Holy Rats

With 20,000 rats infested inside this Temple, people are prohibited to hurt, kill or even scare away them.

Where | Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan

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7. City Of The Immortals

Gyanganj or Shangri-La, a city that is believed to be hidden in the Himalayas off the maps! It is often believed, someone who is spiritually pure & manages to find the optimal meditative state shall find the road to this city.

Where | Himalayas

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Bottom Line

Spooked, yet?

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