Kick The Butt: Stories Of 3 Delhi Vapers That Will Make You Chuck Stinkies

Why kiss a cigarette when you can kiss thousands of flavours?

Disclaimer: before you buy your next pack of fags, here are 3 stories that may help you shift from fags to vapes. And if you wanna understand vaping 101, check out Indian Vape HQ – you can buy mods, liquids and starter packs here!

1. Jagannath Sarangapani

Jagannath first started smoking when he was in his late 20’s. Although he never picked it up due to peer pressure or anything, he smoked due to abject boredom. Now in his 50’s Jagannath was smoking almost 60 cigarettes a day. Until he found his health had started deteriorating at an increasing rate.

In fact, he tried nicotine gums, patches and even lozenges, but it was only vaping that helped him curb his urge for nicotine. Today, after 2+ years, he no longer requires cigarettes and only relies on vapes.

2. Anubhav Khurana

21 YO college student Anubhav Khurana [name changed] was an ardent hookah fan before he first started vaping. He spent countless hours smoking one and soon found out that it had become an addiction. Before he knew it, he was having chest pains, cough problems etc.

He mentioned in his testimonial,

“That it wasn’t until I bought a vape that I found my ‘addiction’ go out the window.”

Moreover, within 3 months of vaping, his chest pains, cough problem became a distant problem.

Today, he earnestly believes and actively propagates the vaping culture as a healthier, alternative lifestyle choice.

3. Karan Chandra

So, one of the most common things every vaper stands by is the decrease in health problems.


Karan Chandra isn’t alien to this. In fact, he started smoking Marlboro Reds at the age of 17 until coughing became a recurring problem.

In an absent, yet cheerful way, he told us the story from ‘stinkies [cigarettes] to vapes’.

Karan started vaping as a hobby, with no intention to stop smoking. In fact, it wasn’t until his cigarette consumption decreased to 2-3 from 15 that he realised the benefits of vaping. Keeping this positive thought in his mind, the Mech Don [his moniker] started actively promoting vapes as a healthier alternative to smoking. And today, as he himself said,

“I’m just over a year into vaping and I can’t imagine how my health and life, in general, would’ve been, had I not gotten off cigarettes. My breath doesn’t stink, my suits don’t smell of tobacco smoke and I feel like I can breathe better and don’t feel shortness of breath while doing physical activities.”

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So, what we’re saying is…

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