Starting Delhi This Mom-Daughter Duo Will Fly Around The World In 80 Days!

With Women’s Day just having ended, this mother-daughter duo is out to prove that women do not need a particular day to be celebrated!

Audrey Maben and her daughter Amy are aiming to the first Indian women to circumnavigate the globe in a tiny microlight motorglider in 80 days!! Who knew that was even a thing?!

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The duo will take off from New Delhi in early April and will travel across 21 countries making 54 stops on their way to creating history as the first women to circumnavigate the globe in a light aircraft.

Maben believes that taking to the sky is a powerful symbol of freedom for the women all over the world and we couldn’t agree more!

She is trying to draw attention to her WE! Udaan Foundation (an acronym for women empowerment) and raise money for young women around the country to have the opportunity to enroll in flight school and play a bigger role in the country’s aviation landscape.

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The mother-daughter duo will be travelling in a Sinus 912 motor-glider which is roughly a sixth of the size of an Airbus 300, which currently being put together by Aerosource, a Bengaluru-based aviation consultancy.

Women over the ages have proved that anything men can do, they can do it better, and we salute the will of these two women for having the courage to take this challenge.

Tighten your seat-belt guys! History is in the making!

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