This Place In Rajouri Is Offering Star-Shaped Meatball Pizzas

Star-Shaped Meatball Pizzas

It’s our understanding that pizzas are love! 😉 In fact, these star-shaped meatball pizzas are the new hit in Delhi and we’re so excited to head there rn! By the way, you might wanna take some home to nibble on it later. 😛

Star-Shaped Meatball Pizzas

What to expect from the star-shaped meatball pizzas

So, while we’re all used to the cheesiness of the circular pizzas, you ain’t ever tried anything like this before! The star-shaped meatball pizzas are stuffed with oriental meatballs, topped with mozzarella parmesan and Italian herbs.

Moreover, what makes it special is the size of it! Beautifully cooked to thin slices, the pizza is a nibbling magnet when you’re drinking beer.

Star-Shaped Meatball Pizzas

What we love about the star-shaped meatball pizzas

Besides the thin crust? The meatballs are wrapped at the ends of the pizza. Which is cool since every bite from the bottom corner is another suspenseful bite to reach the meaty end.

And, trust us, the wait is perfectly described by “OHHHHsss” and “AHHHHsss” belted out later.

Bottom Line

Since we’ll go anywhere for pizzas, wouldn’t it be cool if you went to Rajouri for the star-shaped meatball pizza?

Where | TFIF, A-6 Fourth Floor, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden

Price For Two | INR 800

Facebook Page |

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