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Sex is a fascinating subject because of the strong feelings involved because of its potential for pleasure. It has no limits, no class or creed. But if it is not there with you in your life then obviously you need something which would please you mentally and physically. So, this blog is all about ‘pleasing’ your body and soul! You read it right, haha! *Devilish laugh* Sex toys are important for everyone! India is the land of the Kamasutra, the oldest book of sex in the world. Since thousands of years, sex has been an integral part of the culture in the country.

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  • As an introduction to sex toys, it is necessary to understand the history behind the first sex toys and why ancient decades began creating things such as dildos and vibrators.
  • There are a variety of ways through which people in India can find sexual pleasure and intimacy online. The internet is full of sites that offer porn videos and sex stories. Some of these offer their services for free, while others charge a certain amount of money.
  • It is a myth that adult toys are only for people who have a problem in the bedroom. While toys can help take the pressure off couples have been known to help women achieve orgasms more easily, they are equally useful in spicing up your routine.
  • With the right sex toys for men, this dream can become a reality where even an average lover can be the best. Also, for girls, we have jotted down the best online stores and offline markets where you can easily find affordable and all kinds of sex toys.

Indian society is opening up and exploring sex like never before. A vast variety of genuine products and discreet delivery offered by sex care has come as a boon for the men & women looking for variety and spice in their sex life. Their products are shipped in USA and India. Talking about their payment modes, COD is available, online payment is taken. Now, talking about their sex products, they have wide categories on their website. For first-timers, they have sassy sex toys, starting from Vibrator, sex care Bodywand Rhinestones Massager. They’ve different types of lubes, flavoured lubes, water-based lubes, silicone lubes, etc. Go and check out their website and buy products and enjoy!

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If you’ve queries about which lubricant to use, which one to buy then this site is the best website to purchase sex products. Talking about this site, it’s too vibrant, you open it and your mind will be boggled after seeing the hot products and you will be in ‘shanka’ that which one to buy and which one not to. None of their products is illegal to buy in India since none of the products they sell is banned for import or sale in India. All love-toys they offer are made of body-safe materials like medical grade silicone. If you’ve queries regarding a product or how to use it then write to us at advice@lovetreats.in

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It’s India’s first Adult Webstore – celebrating 3 years and giving a great offer – Rs. 333 off on your next order with no restrictions – the code for this is (Happy3). Talking about their products, they are high-class, varieties are there and most importantly, Sunny Leone is a brand ambassador of this website, she is a queen of love and romance! Talking about the brands which they offer on their website are Fleshlight, Fun Factory, Pjur, Remington, Shag Factory, etc.

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Sadar Bazar Market

This market is huge, if you go there obviously you will see lots of other things but many people do not know that this market also sells ‘sex toys’ – if you didn’t know this, now you know. Go to this market, you have to find a bit and you will see small health care stores where you can easily find sex dolls, vibrators, lubricants, dildos – All the common and easy stuff at an affordable price. You won’t see the signboards there but your eye will spot those shops/stores who would have all sorts of sex toys.


Founded in 2005, MasalaToys now dominates the adult toy and accessories industry in India. They cater all types of sex toys, starting from the dildos, bullet vibrators, rabbit vibrators, vibrating nipple sucker, toys for men, toys for couples, toys for women, female condoms, sexy wear, etc. If you visit their website, you would view the currency they accept. Also, it has a great variety of all the products. If you thinking to gift your girlfriend or your boyfriend something, then this site is surely economical.

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Palika Bazar

All the stores in Palika have sex toys, you won’t see the displays of the sex toys there, so it would be little tough for you to find but all the tattoo stores sell the sex toys there. You have to literally ask them to give you what you aspire for or what your body needs. You will see the middle-aged shopkeepers, who has tiny packs with the scantily-clad women on them. Turns out, you will see the packs of vibrators. There was a point when it was famous for porn CDs which were the source of most of the sex education for teenagers. Those CDs fixed the problem of slow buffering videos and enabled a free flow of entertainment for teenage boys who would share their porn stash, all bought from Palika. But the sex toy game is really strong there, cheap and good. The shops you enter has a business of phone covers, chargers, electronic products AND sex toys. The moment you ask the middle-aged salesman about vibrators, he will show you the couple of oval-shaped pieces. But he will be quick to mention that he has more variety.

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Thinking how to save your shipping money, in need of free shipping? Then this website is the best for it. The products which come at your doorstep has free shipping also, their products have huge variety. Their speciality is in ‘Anokhi Gadgets’ – if you opt for this category on their website, you will see amazing products lined up for you. And for the couples, they have amazing sex toys.

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Their website is simple yet filled with categories and varieties. If you want to choose vibrators, dildos, men toys, anal toys, lubricants, bondage, lingerie – they cater everything to the people. Very easy to choose and yes, shopping can be surely done in an easy-breezy manner. I hope whosoever clicks on the link given below, enjoy the trip and buy Sassy products.

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  • These are the online websites and offline stores in Delhi where you would find amazing sex toys, sexy lingerie and that kind of stuff which you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Go on and explore af!

So, are you ready to take the romance in your love life to the next level?

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