Jumped A Red Light? Beware! Delhi Traffic Police Knows About It

So you’re telling us that your father doesn’t know about last night? You jumped 2 red lights and woah, what an escape! Dilliwaalon what if your parents are unaware of it, the Delhi Traffic Police knows your shenanigans! Yes, even after 9 pm! Moving towards the path of Intelligent Traffic Management System, surveillance cameras and detectors are being set up in Delhi.

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Red Light Signal Violation and Speed Violation Detection System are being set up in a corridor of 14 km on Ring Road from Dhaula Kuan to Sarai Kale Khan. This initiative is under the CSR project of Maruti Suzuki Foundation in a collab with Traffic Unit of Delhi Police.

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Apart from this, these cameras will also capture multiple offenses like stop line and wrong side violations.

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