Mumbai’s Famous ‘The Runway Project’ Is Now In Delhi Serving 18 Types Of Pizzas!

Where | S 21A, Second Floor, Select CITYWALK

Price For Two | INR 1,600

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So, we view the world through pepperoni coloured glasses! And if you love cheesy, thin crust pizzas, we’ve got some fantastic news for ya’ll! Mumbai’s famous Italian restaurant, The Runway Project, is now open in Delhi and it’s looking absolutely delicious! And no, we don’t just mean the ambience and the pizzas! 😛

So, are you like us, who made sure trying new pizza joints in Delhi was on our NY resolutions’ list? Well, for starters, you can cry cheese and smile as you take each bite of this cheesy news! Later, you can actually head down to The Runway Project and question everything you knew about pizzas.

Graciously dunked in cheese, pizza sauce, fresh herbs – the pizzas these guys create are out of this world! And if you dream of digging into a mouth watering slice of pizza, then the 18 types of pizzas here are perfect for you. Why though?

So, their pizzas are PERFECT! And by perfect we mean, the crust is as delicate as the flavours the pizzas offer. Crisp and firm on the bottom, their pizzas still offer that perfect elasticity you’d want on your cheesy pizza!

And, trust us, when we tell you that a bite of any of their pizzas can light up even the dullest of days.

Capeesh? 😛

Images’ Courtesy | Nishthadhawan

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