Stay Warm And Enhance Your Soup-Making Skills At This Workshop

Dilli Ki Sardi is at it’s coldest and nothing’s better than hot, yummy soup bowls. But, it’s always better to be precise and exact when it’s about making your tummy happy, right? This workshop for flavourful soups is your place to be this Wednesday.

What To Expect?

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The workshop is all about learning the basics of preparing delicious soups. The workshop would give you tips and tricks to enhance your soup-making abilities. You’d be provided with fresh ingredients, no stock cubes and no artificial thickeners would be used to prepare soups at the workshop.

What You’ll Love?

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Well, if you’re someone who likes to be proper and precise when it comes to cooking, then this workshop is going to make a soup-making expert and we are not even kidding. You’re going to learn a variety of only vegetarian soups. Some of them are:

– cream of mushroom

– Roasted tomato and basil soup

– Lemon and coriander sou

– Vegetable clear soup

– Broccoli and almond soup


Get your spirits high and make yummy bowls of steaming soups that do not taste like just salt, pepper and water.

When I 9th January 2019

Where I The Chocolate Avenue Block B2, Safdarjung Enclave, Block B 2, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

Tickets I Book Here

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