Soon You’ll Be Paid For Unscheduled Power Cuts In Delhi

Recently, the Delhi Government asked the discoms to pay Delhi based consumers for unscheduled power cuts.

15 years back when the discoms were privatised, one of the benefits was supposed to be an uninterrupted supply of electricity. However, we all know better than that! And evidently, so does the Delhi government. In fact, according to the newest policy discoms will have to restore power well within an hour of a power cut.

Moreover, failure to do so would mean a penalty imposed worth INR 50 per hour per consumer.

So, how do you avail this compensated amount? An affected consumer must file a ‘no current’ complaint via SMS, e-mail, phone, app or website using their particulars. After this, the discoms will be required to not just address the issue but also, compensate the consumer with the required amount of money for the time lost due to electricity shortage.

The policy, however, still requires Delhi’s LG’s approval. After which, if any complaint is filed, the consumer can and will get compensated!

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