Soon You’ll Be Able To Travel From Jaipur To Delhi In Only 90 Minutes!!

Soon You’ll Be Able To Travel From Jaipur To Delhi In Only 90 Minutes!!

Your train journey from Delhi to Jaipur is about to get an upgrade.

Soon you’ll be able to travel between Delhi and Jaipur in only 90 minutes, as the Ministry of Railway is planning to have a semi-high speed train on the Jaipur-Delhi route which would run at a speed of 200 km/hour.

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Imagine how much travel time we could save on our Jaipur road trips!

The ministry of railways has appointed an Italy-based railway engineering company FS-Italferr to do a feasibility study for the project at its own cost.

The rail distance between Jaipur and Delhi is 309 kms and the existing tracks between the two routes can attain a maximum speed of 110 kms/hour.

Details suggest that the Ministry of Railways has written to Northern Railways, Delhi, and North Western Railways with regard to the feasibility study, to help and support the Italian company, in order to complete the feasibility report.

If implemented, this move is likely to be a game-changer for the Indian Railways, as they will be able to compete with airlines that enable passengers to travel between the state capital and national capital in less than 2 hours.

Planning trips were never this easy! Get planning 😉

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