Soon Y’ALL Will Only Be Allowed 2 Fixed Parking Spots Per Home In Delhi

Parking Spots

To tackle clogged roads, residents of South Delhi will soon be given fixed parking spots. In fact, y’all don’t even need to be told how big a mess it is!

In a nutshell: Fixed Parking Spots

So, to help unclog roads the municipalities will only allow two fixed parking spots per home. Moreover, while the pilot project will start in South Delhi, later other parts of Delhi will also be brought into the picture.

And guess what? The work has begun! On Sunday, a team from civic bodies began earmarking the slots for cars in Lajpat Nagar. According to the plan, each floor of the colony’s houses was provided two spots.

The problem?

Residents with more than 2 cars will now have to park cars in paid parking spots. Although, sources do say that residents can make their own arrangements, of course, at their own risk.

Meanwhile, if the cars aren’t parked in designated areas, they will be towed away!

So, do you think this will help unclog Delhi roads or make the situation worse?

We first read about this here.

Cover Image Courtesy | Hindustan Times

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