5 Remarkable Songs On Delhi That Aptly Celebrate The Josh Of The City

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Delhi is the city of ‘Bade Dilwale’. Despite scorching summers and harsh winters, the irresistible vibes of the city have always boosted up the Dilliwala spirits’ coz our Josh is always High. Time and again, several songs have been written on Delhi. Here is a curation of five such songs, solely dedicated to the bustling city. If you are a true Delhiite, these songs are defo going to create a sensation in your mind and stir your Dilliwala emotions.

1. Dilli-Mishwar Rawhoshyo


The song Dilli from the movie Mishwar Rawhoshyo is sung by Arijit Singh and breathtakingly defines the vivacious city of Delhi. Though the movie is in Bengali, this song has been composed in Hindi.

Movie | Mishwar Rawhoshyo

2. Dilwalo Ki Dilli


“Ye Dilli Hain Mere Yaar, Bas Ishq Mohabbat Pyaar”…. this popular number from Dilli-6 has won the hearts of all Delhiites.

Movie | Delhi 6

3. Asli Dilli


This is an enthralling rap number by Hasal and Raprogi that spells out the city’s soul to the hilt.

Artists | Hasal and Raprogi

4. Rag Rag Mein Delhi City


This promotional song of Radio City enthusiastically rejoices the high spirits of Delhi.

Artists | Diljit Dosanjh, Jaz Dhami, RJ Yuvi, RJ Divya, RJ Ginnie and RJ Aadi

5. Dilli Dhadkan Hai Ye Meri


The 2011 Delhi anthem was composed on the eve of the city’s 80th birthday.

Artist | Unknown

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