This Small Shop In Rohini Offers Crispy Spring Rolls For INR 30

When food calls home, all we can think of screaming is – WE WANT MORE!

So, the great things about the spring rolls we found here in Rohini is that you can dip it in gravy! Gupta Fast Food in Rohini offers spring rolls done two ways – either left dry or dunked in gravy – basically, they’re crispy & succulent. A thoroughly satisfying lunch break!

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Dishing grub out of a small shop, Guptaji first deep fries the spring rolls before dipping them in gravy. And serving it with a dash of oregano to make things a little more interesting for your taste buds!

Each plate has 10 small pieces of cut spring rolls, which for INR 30 is a pretty good score! In fact, their chaap is just as crispy & mouthwatering as any other dish they serve. So, if you find yourself in need of grub when your wallet is light – look no further!

Ps. they also serve french fries & mayo dripping momos!

Excited? Catch ’em frying up their pans at –

Where | Gupta Fast Food, Rohini Sector – 3

Price For Two | INR 100

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