Singles’ 101: Your Guide To Escape The Corny & Dramatic Valentine’s Day

Know It All In 30 Seconds

It can be fun being single on Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? At the end of the day, ‘Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai’, right? No? Still, here’s something that you can do if you’re single and wouldn’t want the cheesy dates or the expensive plans this Valentine’s! Well, this might just be fun, so go and find more.

1. Houseparty

Call your single friends home and organize a fun party, with boxes of pizzas and cans of beer! Trust us, this will be more fun and less expensive than the hotels you think you wanna go to! Spoiler alert, you wouldn’t want that.


2. Sleep All Day

Now that you don’t have a plan or a date or someone who loves you, don’t be sad! You can sleep all day without the pressure of planning and getting ready to reach someplace or making someone else happy!


3. Annoy Your Couple Friends

Well well, we never said that you can’t hang out with your couple friends! Go on and kill their vibe, that might make you happy! It’s the little pleasures that count. And who knows, they might just invite you for good food!



4. Dating Apps

Ahh, the judgement while swiping right and left, is more fun than you think it’d be! Sit with your judgy best friend and he/she might make a good choice for you. Let’s face it, you’re single because you couldn’t.


5. Binge Shows

Let’s just face it, you’re not finding a Jake or a Jim, or…. well, they’re fictional! So, binge on shows and keep falling in love with your favourite, dreamy characters, because that is not at all disappointing.



6. Order food for two, For one

If you can’t eat with two, you can always eat for two! Right? Order your favourite food and eat loads of it! You’ll love your tummy, anyway, if it’s big or small. So, go on! I know, I’m going to!


7. Exploit Couple Discounts with friends

Okay, this can be evil. But, the guilt will fade away when you enjoy the perks of being a couple without being one! Take your ‘single’ best friend to avail all those couple discounts because you deserve it too, yes!


8. List points as to why you should not be committed

This is serious and important! You think you wanna date again, but you don’t, Nah! So, make a list (they’re really fun) as to why you should not be committed and don’t go on and list reasons to hate yourself, you’re amazing.


9. Get Your Chores Done

Look around, that room is dirty. You can spot things that you need, but you will find more if you clean it! So, take this day to clean your place because, well, you might just make your mom happy! And she loves you!


10. Third wheel on dates

Manipulate your couple friends to let you tag along on their ‘romantic’ date because it will have a lot of good food, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters! You can shed a tear or two.


11. Solo Trip

Where’s that YJHD vibe at? Get your backpack and plan a solo trip because people are overrated and you need that alone fun time! Mountains, beach or even a staycation works just fine. Oh, and you might find your Bunny!


12. Online Shopping

Oh, the simple pleasures of life! Now that you’re single, and have saved all the money, order those bags and clothes and other stuff from your cart because yay, you’re single and you gotta celebrate that. A click away.


13. Do Not Text Your Ex

It’s also time to let go and not text your ex to get together or grab a bite. You will find your special someone or not, maybe you are all you need! Trust this, it only gets better.


14. Date With Your Pooch

Your fluffy dates won’t be any trouble and will only make you happy! So, it’s best to spend the ‘day of love’ with your cute and fluffy mates, because they have a lot of love for you too!


Bottom Line

Why deal with the cheese of those clingy relationships when you have all that cheese to eat?

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