Delhi’s Signature Bridge To Go All Gimmicky At Night This October

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The iconic Signature Bridge overlooking the Yumana may glimmer with beams of light after sunset, before the onset of Diwali.

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The lofty bridge surpassing the Delhi skyline is a breathtaking attraction in the city, however, the captivating view of its 154-metre long pylon is missed after sunset ‘coz the bridge isn’t permanently lit. The govt. is thus prepping up to illuminate it at night from top to bottom. You’ll surely lose your heart to the euphoric view of the bridge at night, sparkling in its full mirth, just like ‘ten billion fireflies’.

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The illumination will be pulled off by the Delhi Transport and Tourism Development Corporation (DTTDC) and is expected to be completed by mid-Oct. Standing high on the observatory deck of the bridge, one can enjoy the wide, mind-boggling, picture perfect view of the capital city. It’s will be a major sunrise and sunset point for tourists from all over the world.

With the inception of the festival of lights, the transformed view of the Signature Bridge is gonna be a new add on to the numerous amazeballs of the city.

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