Short Film By Underprivileged Kids From Delhi Slums Makes It To Cannes

While we have all been gushing over who wore what at the Cannes Film Festival, here is something that you probably didn’t know. Delhi Dreams, a short film by 14 underprivileged kids from Delhi slums is being screened at the 71st Cannes Film Festival today, making all Delhiites real proud.

These 14 children are students from Nai Disha, a Mission Education centre of Smile Foundation, and started their learning during the 2017 edition of Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth.

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The organisation, along with a UK-based company, Film without Borders hosted film-making workshops for the children. Their objective was to educate, engage, and empower the children through the cinematic experience. After strenuous auditions, these 14 children were selected.

Film professionals Jim Samuels, and award-winning photographer and cinematographer Richard Blanchard, trained the 14 children, to produce the masterpiece that is Delhi Dreams.

The movie is about the stories of the ambition and aspiration of five underprivileged children, Roshni, Shikha, Arbaaz, Bharat, and Murshed, living in Delhi.

The kids are excited for their movie to be screened at such a prestigious platform. For them, it is not just a movie, it is the dream of every child from the slums, who dream of fame. And while their hard work is being applauded all the way at Cannes, we here would like to take a moment to cheer them for their achievement.

Kudos, to these kids for making Delhi so proud.

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