More Shopping Hubs To Open Up In Delhi! DDA Plans More Commerical Spaces

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Delhi Development Authority (DDA) plans to build the mother of all departmental stores in the capital in Northwest Delhi’s Peeragarhi and East Delhi’s Shahdara.  These commercial hubs will have entertainment facilities, hospitality healthcare, art and culture centres, recreational areas, etc. plans to come up with business parks in the city to facilitate corporate houses and developers to set up offices.

It’s Just Like The U.S

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In the US, there are huge departmental stores that are usually located on the outskirts of major cities. These stores are low-rise and are spread over a large area, with discount stores, factory outlets, eating joints etc. Just like the US, where people drive to such stores, spend the day shopping and then come back after buying provisions for the entire month, we want similar facilities in Delhi. There’s nothing like this in Delhi at the moment.

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