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Majnu Ka Tila, or in-short MKT, is not just only famous for its Tibetan food and laphings, though the food is just delicious and soon is going to be on the tastebuds of every Delhiite, MKT is a lot more for shopping too. Especially when you’re planning to fill your wardrobe with quirky winter clothing, MKT would not disappoint you! Let’s see what all you can grab from this market.


1. Tibetan Traditional Dress

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If you want to try something unique and totally different then you may go for traditional Tibetan Chupa dress and bask which will surely make and feel you different from others. Stores like Akama, Tinker Tibet and Mapcha can help you to find the best robe for yourself.


2. Jackets

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You can find some good jackets made op of pure leather stuff. Starting from a price range of 2,000/-, a best suited and fit jacket can be chosen from a wide variety!


3. Sweaters

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You can find good sweaters to wear on shirts with good print. Starting from just 500/-, not only they look good, but also keep you warm on chilled winter days!


4. Hand Knitted Caps

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To protect your ears, forehead and to keep them warm, hand-knitted beautiful caps can also be found on the streets of Majnu Ka Tila selling from as low as Rs 50.


5. Shawls

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For the ladies out there, shawl is one of the most important things to carry, especially on chilled winter evenings, when a cold breeze flows through the city. Find the perfect pair which suits you on the dress from Rs. 500 onwards.


6. Boots & Shoes

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Find a nice pair of boots or shoes which will go matching with your outfit from here. You can see a variety of shops selling boots, especially the winter collection so that you have options to choose from including the brands like Air Force 1 and Nike.


7. Other Winter Essentials

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Winter essentials such as woolen socks, mufflers, and gloves can also be found in this market from as cheap as Rs. 50, starting and goes up to the quality and the design you like the most.


Bottom Line

Re-learn your bargaining skills to find the best product from this market!


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