Shop What You Love At DLF CyberHub With These Retail Brands That Are Now Open

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The ultimate high street destination in town has everything perfect! DLF Cyberhub is open with all the things that we love and now we love the place even more. To make the experience safer, the entire staff has been vaccinated & proper measures are being ensured. Now that they are open, here’s a list of retail brands which are functioning!

1. Uniqlo

Uniqlo has been the go-to for good and reasonable clothes with amazing quality and we cannot deny that it makes us happy to know that it’s now open! So, you can shop your heart out here.

2. Marks & Spencer

This store has everything you want in your wardrobe to jazz it up! Marks & Spencer is now open and this is a perfect time to hoard on all the amazing clothes & accessories that make us happy.

3. Decathlon

For everyone who’s into sports, you can get your gears now at your favorite spot, Decathlon! Fitness should anyway be on the list and now that it is open, browse to get your routine perfected.

4. Unicorn

If you are into Apple gadgets, this is where you need to rush! Unicorn has got all you need with all the solutions too. Get your favorite and updated gadgets that you’ll so love, with Unicorn opening its doors too!

5. Chumbak

If you’re wanting to hoard on quirky accessories, then you must do it at Chumbak! They have some amazing collections to get you the prettiest and fun stuff. It’s open and safe to visit, so get going!

6. Robogear

For all the gadget geeks, we have just the place for you! Robogear has all you need, from watches to earplugs and so much more! Visit now and get your hands on everything that’s new in the market.

7. Hamleys

Who doesn’t like some cutesy toys & action figures? For the people who believe in the kid in them or for the perfect present for a kid, this is it! Hamleys is exactly the kind of magic you need and now that it is back again, we can’t wait to rush!

8. Crossword

And for all the bibliophiles, there’s good news! Crossword is open too and you need not worry about all the books you cannot read because they have everything that’s on the list. So, get your hands on those perfect books now!

9. Body Shop

If you’ve been waiting for your go-to spot for the right kind of body products, then the wait is over! Body Shop is finally open too and we cannot not be happy to get back to all the self-care.

10. Looks

You can also pamper yourself with a wonderful day at your favorite salon! Yes, we are talking about Looks! With the salon functioning, you need to get a comforting day for yourself.

Bottom Line

DLF CyberHub has the kind of retail therapy you need!

Where| DLF CyberHub, DLF Cybercity, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

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