Now You Can Shop Authentic Handwoven North-East Fashion Online!

Unexplored North-East India has always been famous for its impeccable fashion sense and chic style. Accept it, you too have gone gaga over their wardrobe collection. Isn’t it amazing how they make a ₹100 top from Sarojini look sophisticated and quirky at the same time?  Unfortunately, not much is known of their indigenous handicrafts and handlooms that are equally jaw-dropping. North East Project (NEP) is here to change the fashion game and is already creating a buzz with its distinctive patterns and designs.


Imagine wearing a mesh top woven by a Mizo lady sitting 2,500 km away from Delhi. Now, imagine the amount of hard work that has been put into hand-knotting every single thread. This is the power of handwoven handloom that is somehow losing its essence in its own country. Interestingly, North East Project has devised an online platform for textile-weavers from Assam, Nagaland, Manipura and Mizoram.

Creating an unusual fusion between the traditional patterns and modern embellishments, NEP has re-imagined the role of North-East Indian creation materials in its designs. We know the world is going towards a zero-waste culture, NEP too has adopted the same work-process.


If you’re looking for matching chappals and clutch with your attire, you won’t be disappointed with their exclusive collection. The captivating traditional tribal patchwork on the kimono will become the talk of the party.


Need another reason to shop from North East Project? They have had collaborated with brands like ‘Bhane’ (Yes, Anand Ahuja’s Bhane), Nor Black Nor White, Safomasi and many others in the past.

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