Sharabi Chuski And Santra Bomb Are Cocktails That You Need To Drink These Summer Months!

Nukkad Cafe

We know how tiring it can get in this hot weather of Delhi & in the end, all we need is a cool drink to relax. So head over to Nukkad Cafe ’cause these guys are brewing some mind blowing cocktails this summer! Their summer cocktail menu is all that you need to kick back, relax and JUST CHILL.

A mix of alcohol and our beloved chuski, Sharabi Chuski is one of the most exciting things on their menu. You can choose your own alcohol and flavour, to create your very own alcoholic chuski!

Another mind blowing cocktail that you can get your hands on, is the Matka Liit. We can never say no to Matka kulfi, but have you ever had a cocktail inside a matka? Nukkad cafe serves vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec and Fanta with a hint of masala, all inside one matka! We bet you are already getting ready to rush toward SDA and have a sip of the Matka Liit.

Last but not the least! Lemon tequila is our personal favourite and we can never turn down a glass of this ‘upside down’ drink. A perfect punch of lemon along with tequila, lager beer, triple sec and loads of ice is the perfect solution to beat the heat of Delhi.

So, don’t think twice! Grab your friends and head towards Nukkad Cafe to enjoy these OTT cocktails NOW!

Ps- Did you know Nukkad serves a whopping 24 types of breezy cocktails?

Where | Nukkad Cafe, SDA Market

Price For Two | INR 1,200

Facebook Page | Click Here


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