10 Pleasure Stores In Delhi To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom!


Now that we have your attention, read up! There are so many taboo topics that we cannot discuss out in the open, and sexual pleasure is one of them. Pleasuring yourself is liberating and can elevate your bedroom experience. If you are looking to spice things up & add some heat, then here is something to help you out! A list of sex toy shops around Delhi and online stores that deliver to your toys in discreet packaging! Read on.

1. IMbesharam.com

India’s favorite online adult store, this website’s brand ambassador is Sunny Leone. We assure you they’re doing everything right. With a range of products that were made in India to ones that are imported from the US, this is easily the best option available.

Website | Click Here 

Contact | +91 8669227444

2. Fashion Love Toys

Known for their products that are not just kinky and sexy, but also cute and romantic. They house products such as lingerie and stimulators. Relatively cheaper than other stores online, this a site for first time buyers. Leave the doubt behind and go in!

Website | Click Here

Contact | +91 8145018759, +91 9007087793

3. Palika Bazaar

Yes, you read that right! Situated in the heart of Delhi, Palika Bazaar is an up and coming sex toys market where you can physically go and buy stimulators, vibrators and other toys. If you look closely and have the time to explore, there is so much in store that you will be surprised at the range and variety.

Where | Palika Bazar, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Location Click Here

4. Adult Vibes

Another online store that is easy to navigate and has an easy interface. They have specific sections for the kind of kink you have (Pretty interesting isn’t it?). They even have complete bondage kits and even a section for men’s lingerie!

Website | Click Here 

Contact | +91 8100371729

5. That’s Personal

Probably one of the very few websites that sells products that are Ayurveda based and even has a category for products under INR 499. With fun edible and tactile stuff like chocolate body paint, warming gels and adult board games, they keep a very vast collection of Indian and imported products.

Website | Click Here 

Contact +91 8451880077

6. Masala Toys

Founded in 2009, Masala Toys has a pretty large variety of all things you could ever dream of. They have products that are discreet and you could carry around and would look like just another product of daily use. In plain-sight, it wouldn’t look like a vibrator. Pleasure comes in all shapes and sizes!

Website | Click Here

Contact | +91 8277490433

7. Kaamastra

Massage oils, bondage kits, edible underwear, scented candles, costumes for role playing, lubricants and even naughty board games: This is your one-stop-shop for that one perfect night with tons of pleasure and foreplay. Shop on!

Website | Click Here 

Contact | 9172911799

8. ShyCart

More of a wellness store, this is also your go-to place for lubricants in exciting flavors {pina-colada, bubblegum, green apple} and condoms of all kinds. They even house products that are of menstrual wellness like diva cups, tampons and even products to relieve cramps!

Website | Click Here

Contact | +91 7200043210

9. CondomBazaar

The only Indian website that sells condoms of every type and flavor. The sheer variety is overwhelming-we came across glow in the dark ones, and a bunch of crazy flavors like coffee and blueberry. They also have other crazy products that even come in combos

Website | Click Here 

Contact |  +91 94444 82020

10. Love Treats

Warming edible chocolate oil, arousing love potions, love games and vibrators in all shapes imaginable: These are just some of the treasure Love Treats has in store for you.

Website | Click Here

And that’s a wrap! Now that you know where to get your stuff from, go ahead, explore your options. Some of these websites even have their numbers on WhatsApp and some provide customer service to help you pick the perfect product. Shop for pleasure today.

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