Serving Since 1971, DU’s Oldest Chicken Tikka Corner Is A Food Lover’s Fantasy!

Where | Govindh Market, Ghanta Ghar Chowk, Subzi Mandi

Price For Two | INR 380

How amazing would it be if you licked your fingers dripping with desi ghee? Well, for all those who don’t mind the extra fat or the sizeable increase in waist size, here’s something worth it all!

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So, Bablu Snacks in DU’s North Campus has been serving delicious chicken tikkas since 1971! Basically, anyone with a mouth and a craving for chicken/mutton tikkas will love this.

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The hole in the wall shop near Amba Cinema in Delhi University only uses desi ghee to satisfy their salivating customers. Slow cooked in the ghee, the shop has a simple motto, written all over its menu – Kam Khao, Acha Khao (eas less, eat well).

While the price of the dishes ranges anywhere between INR 190 & INR 300, the shop owner does one magical thing. He first fries the tomato, onion, some chillies then asks the customer for his/her choice of meat.

And if you’re feeling really experiential – then we do suggest that you try the brain fry!

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