Stay At These 5 Secret Himalayan Summer Getaways For Less Than 10K!

Secret Himalayan Summer Getaways

Secret Himalayan summer getaways are hard to find. But with a beautiful green expanse at its back these cottages in the mountains are a sinful retreat! The reason why these cottages are god’s abode is because of the enormity of the situation your eyes can’t help but stare at. The snow capped mountains bang in front of your eyes with the cool wind gently kissing your cheeks, the experience is mesmerising!

Secret Himalayan Summer Getaways

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30 Second Window:

  • These Secret Himalayan summer getaways nestled in the mountains beckon you to come breathe in a bit of heaven. Nestled deep inside the snowy mountains these cottages are pretty little getaways!
  • The rooms here give a perfect view of the night sky. And hopefully, that shooting star that is so highly unlikely to show in the city. The cottages give ample space to chill family style, so you don’t need to worry!
Cottage In The Hills, Bhimtal

An uphill drive from the Bhimtal Lake will take you to a new world altogether. Filled with untouched nature, fresh air, vast himalayan flora and flawless beauty this place is simply beautiful! Amidst all of this, you find yourself in the company of a small fairy tale cottage facing the lower Himalayas!

Cost | ₹7,000 for a night

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Tree House Cottage, Katrain

Imagine staying in a tree house, on a lovely snowy day, sipping hot chocolate as the snow graces your windows. Looking at snow covered Himalayas from the comfort of your cozy cottages, the Tree House Cottage in Katrain near Manali is where your imaginations turn into reality. This place is perfect for Secret Himalayan summer getaways!

Set atop an oak-tree & amidst apple orchards that cover 1.5 hectares. The cottages are surrounded by lush fields of apple, plum and walnut orchard groves.

Cost | ₹3,700 for a night

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Sanjiv’s Aira Holme Retreat, Shimla

Located far from the city, Shimla is serene & homely. The ambience of the cottage is relaxed & peaceful – surrounded by deodars, the cottage is enveloped by nature & urban forest within the town. Overlooking a valley, the view is breathtaking of the Tara Devi temple with Chail and its forests.

Cost | ₹5,000 for a night

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Itmenaan Estate, Almora

Away from the hustle bustle, set amidst lush green terraced plantation, towering pine & oak trees lies Itmenaan Estate near Almora. As the name indicates, the place offers a laid back and serene ambience to unwind.

Cost | ₹6,300 for a night

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Baragarh Villa, Near Manali

Under the shadows of the majestic Himalayas, where nature whispers through fragrant pine breeze & colourful fruit orchards lies a luxurious stone villa.

As soon as you enter the premises of the Baragarh Estate, your senses fuse into complete harmony & well being. All amidst lush gardens, apple orchards, kiwi plantations and everything good that mother nature has to offer.

Cost | ₹6,050 for a night

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  • You book your summer getaway at any of these places as quickly as possible. ‘Cause we’re pretty sure that there will be a line of people waiting to check this place out!

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