Love books and Animals alike? This Secondhand Book Sale Is For You!

Friendicoes is a small animal shelter in the city that believes in adoption and rescues stray animals that are in need of help. Since the beginning of their services, they have tripled in size and are helping many animals in the area. But as all stories go, the shelter started getting more workload and gaining more popularity. To help the shelter and make it interesting, they have come up with a book sale that no book-lover can refuse!
Friendicoes is giving you a chance to help your animal friends simply by reading, buying and donating more books! Sounds brilliant, right?

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What To Expect At The Event? 

Pre-loved books will be on sale at the event. Only one copy of each book will be available so make sure you dig deep into the pile of heaven to find some gems! There will be a wide variety of authors and genres, and the prices will be extremely reasonable.

What You’ll Love About The Event? 

The money made from selling books at the event will be donated to the shelter! So to think about it, you are indirectly supporting a cause and also getting to keep books of your choice! It’s a win-win situation!

When | 25th November 2018; Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM

Where | 271 & 273, Defence Colony Flyover Market (Jungpura Side), New Delhi 110024

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