Satyaniketan Holds a Special Place in Our Lives & Here’s 5 Reasons Why!

Know it All in 30 Seconds

Anyone who has ever lived in Satya Niketan, South Moti Bagh can vouch for this. The neighbourhood being small makes things so homely – be it the grocery store’s uncle or the man asking for a single rupee – nothing more, nothing less. Everyone’s an unspoken family.

1. For The Young

Everything is literally curated for students! Additionally, no one judges you, no one cares – you can literally go out in your pajamas – because well, everyone’s too busy worrying about their low attendance and assignments.

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2. Cafes Of All Kinds

Need something affordable? Go to Woodbox. Need a blend of fancy? Check out Cafeteria & Co. Need to party? There’s literally a complete lane for that. There’s literally a cafe for every occasion, mood and aesthetic.


3. Mom Hand Momos

How can anyone writing of Satya Niketan ever forget Mom Hand Momos? The gravy momos are a guilty pleasure for literally every person who comes here.

4. Easy Access To Literally Everything

From xerox to laundry, bookstores to food, topper’s notes to cheap version of your course book – it feels like its own little world where there is everything. Quintessential places like Connaught Place and Saket are pretty close as well.

5. The Park & Its Dogs

Need a break from life? A walk in this park or just hours sitting with the furballs lifts up the entire day.

Bottom Line

This is the Campus Life that never gets old

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