Groove On The Beats Of Latin Tracks By Heading To The Salsa Party This Weekend!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Finally, the weekend is approaching! Well, the feeling couldn’t be expressed in words but this salsa party in town can make you exhibit your feelings with party chills. Head over to the Salsa Social in Summer House for the party scenes you’ve been lookin’ for, aren’t you?

summer house cafe

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What To Expect?

Latin dance sessions with the best in-house DJs, what else do you need to refresh your work blues? Grab that shot and shake your booty at this fun and frolic night you wondered to attend one day.

salsa party

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What You’ll Love?

Well, if you’re not much of a party animal, then you can have some drool-worthy meals that these guys do, including peri-peri giant prawns and cheese & bacon fries. Oh yes, can anything be more satiating than this?

Bottom Line

Go ahead and experience the endless fun yourself!

Where | 1st Floor, Aurobindo Place Market, 110016 Delhi

When | 28th July, 19

Location | Here

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