#Ruined: 10 Times Humanity Put Way Too Much Innovation in Their Food, Ugh!

Know it All in 30 Seconds

Over the last year people have had a ton of time, a lot of this time went in cooking for some and some, just went overboard in the kitchen. From creating combinations like Kurkure Milkshake and Maggi Pakode to so much more. Here are 10 ways people messed up our favourite foods. We warn you though, read ahead at your own discretion – it sure is a ride.

1. Beer Maggi

Housefull Cafe in Delhi came up with this mind-boggling idea of serving soupy maggi in a beer mug with foam on top. Why?

ruined beer maggi

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2. Momo Biryani

Again in Delhi, Lodhi Knights rose to fame with this specialty of theirs. Momo Biryani they call it, all we can say is – okay?

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3. Cheese Samosa Maggi

This one’s loved by many – it is a cheese injected samosa dunked in Maggi but we just cannot fathom it.

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4. Chowmein Dosa

Chowmein is great, Dosa is delicious – let them be, people.

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5. Gulab Jamun Pizza

This one took the whole internet by storm and rightly so. You give us gulab jamun on a bed of Vanilla ice-cream, we won’t complain but Pizza?

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6. Pizza Golgappa

Another people’s favourite but we just cannot fathom how!

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7. Chocolate Golgappa

Chocolate is great, agreed. Golgappa, amazing – two good things don’t always make one great dish.

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8. French Fry Pizza

We’ll just leave this here for you to look at and face palm.

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9. Momo Burger

Momo is an obession, we get it. How does smushing it between a burger bun make it better though?

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10. Maggi Pakode

Maggi doesn’t taste good with everything, Rahul.

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Bottom Line

Did you gasp yet? We sure did.

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