Rohini Waalo, Have You Tried These Spicy Angry Momos?

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Momos have become Delhi’s favourite dish with momos stalls on every nook and cranny of the city. What makes Dilliwaalas adore these dumplings is how they have an extra kick of spice to them. For all you spice lovers, Moroca in Rohini have given a twist to our good ol’ momos by giving them a hot twist. Read on!

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What To Expect?

Moroca does momos like no one else. Going by the name ‘Angry Momos’- these momos will be a burst of flavours (and spice!) in your mouth. These dumplings are first slathered in a spicy gravy and then grilled in a tandoor to give them a fiery, angry look!

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What You’ll Love?

If you think you’ll not be able to take the heat of the Angry Momos then you can try out other scrummies that this place has to offer like rolls, pasta and other variants of momos like Volcano momos!

Bottom Line

There’s nothing more satisfying than polishing off an entire plate of oh-so-spicy momos. So, what are you waiting for head over to Moroca to have a fiery experience!

Where | Moroca – DC Chowk, Rohini & Sainik Vihar, Pitampura

Location | Here

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