Relax In New Delhi Railway Station’s Luxury Lounge For INR 55/Hr!

Where | New Delhi Railway Station

Price | INR 165/first 2 hours & INR 55 henceforth

What was once unknown to most people is no more a myth! In fact, the waiting lounge of New Delhi Railway Station can easily rival the lounges at airports. It is complete with deluxe suites, reclining chairs, buffet meals and free Wi-Fi among other amenities. Pretty cool, right?

So, believe it or not, the lounge on platform 16 has been there for the past 16 years! And if you didn’t know about it, fret not, your next train journey won’t be so bad.

Also, since data shows that only 150 people use the lounge daily, you will always find enough space for yourself here!

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