7 Things You Will Definitely Relate To If You Have A Sibling!

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“Chal na adopted hai tu toh”, how many of you guys have heard this comment from your elder sibling while growing up? (all of you, right?). Having a sibling can be really annoying at times but at the end of the day, you know that your bond with them is absolutely amazing and you wouldn’t trade them for anything. They literally make our lives lit by their stupid yet cute harkate which are actually awesome. They play multiple roles in our lives, a confidante, our all-time dress stylist, secret-keeper and the bestest friend you can have.

So to all ya cool siblings, we bring a list of super relatable moments that’ll defo take you down the memory lane. Have a look!


  1. “Why Would You Carry The Remote To The Washroom? Give It To Me!”


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No matter how much we love our bro and sis, when it comes to watching your fav shows, you all become warriors fighting for that REMOTE. From snatching to hiding it, you guys must have done it all to gain that precious entity known as remote. The fun part is there is no compensation happening here, right? Each one of you wants that bloody damn remote.

2. “I Am The First Child, Maa Loves Me More Than You!”

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The elder ones are definitely the bossy ones. They miss no opportunity to grill their tiny siblings and make them feel worse about themselves ( that’s their birthright!). They always manage to take advantage of their elderliness and surely can convince you that they are loved more by your fam (don’t fall for it, It’s a trap). Your parents will always love you equally but your elder ones will never let you know that thing.

3. “Why Are You Wearing My Jeans? Take It Off Right Now!”

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This is toh har ghar ki kahani, right fellas? Stealing clothes from our sibling is like our inborn talent. We all just somehow adore the wardrobe of our bro or sis and are always looking for the perf mauka to grab their prettiest attire and flaunt it without any guilt. Most of us get into a fight because of this particular thingy but are we gonna stop just like that? Naah dude, no ways. Nothing can stop us from stealing our sibling’s clothes because somehow they are better than ours, ALWAYS!

4. “I Am Your Elder Brother, Bhaiya Bola Kar Mujhe!”

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Now being the younger ones, you guys sometimes might not feel the need to respect your elder sibling but guys guess what? They will always ASK for it. They will compel you to call them “bhaiya” or “didi” even when you don’t want to. And if you call them by their name, be ready to be scolded by your parents. We understand it’s really difficult to be the younger sibling but trust us when we say this, your elder ones adore you from the bottom of their heart but just love to tease you a bit.

5. “Maa, Bhaiya Is Not Giving Me The Ice Cream!”

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SHARING is undoubtedly not a thing in a sibling bond. That’s not possible at all because it makes the bond so boring otherwise. Snatching, stealing and fighting for things are like so part of the deal and makes everything so exciting, haina? You can never expect your sibling to share their goodies with you, that’s not how this relationship works. You gotta learn to adapt that way or keep complaining your mum about it.

6. “Who Did This To You? Tell Me & I’ll Break His Leg!”

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Being the younger ones, once in a lifetime you are defo gonna get the chance to use your super-power, i.e. your ELDER SIBLINGS. We mean obviously, they are the ones who are gonna take a bullet for you. They might annoy you and joke about your existence but guys they are super possessive about y’all and can go to any extent to protect you from others. They are the ones who know how to tackle your stupid fights and how to shield you from everything that’s bad for you. That’s the magic about sibling bond, it’s a perf combo of cute fights and abundance of affection.

7. “Party Ke Baad Back Door Se Ajaiyo, I’ll Open The Gate, No One Will Know!”

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During your teenage or even adulthood, you guys must’ve asked your sibling to help you escape for a party without being noticed by your parents. I mean they are the only ones who understand your chill life and support you (most of the times!). After a long interrogation, they will defo be convinced and will let you find the best possible way to enjoy your time. They are literally the true SAVIOURS!

Nostalgic much? If yes, then get up and give them a bro-fist for being your support system throughout!

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