Reignite First Time Goa Feels At This Gorgeous Cafe By The Pool In Assagao!

Where | The Project Cafe, Amalia Villa No. 198, Assagao

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The season to party hard till 6 am is slowly coming back! And if you love Goa just as much as we do, check this out! So, it’s gonna be truly amazing & you’ll be looking at Goa in a whole new light. ‘Cause we found a cafe in Assagao with poolside feels and historical significance!

Basically, The Project Cafe is a culmination of art, good food & luxury. You can either soak up the sun outside or enjoy the quiet inside on easy, wooden chairs & calm ambience. So, if you really fall in love with its attractive personality, mixed with fun pops of striking colours & humble food – why go anywhere else?

Moreover, the place is just so much more than partying with patrons of art and fine food. The cafe is redefining how we look at Goa and what all we end up doing there.

Excited to check it out?

Images’ Courtesy | The Project Cafe Goa

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