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Delhi has this thing- it houses some of the plushest of the houses and bungalows, while hiding the narrow, winding streets exuberating the old world charms. There are these hip and happening cafes and restaurants gleaming in the harsh Delhi sun; then there are people like the newspaper sellers, bhelpuri waalas, and the rickshaw pullers that sweat under the same sun going about their mundane daily routine. Everyone seems to have a whole lot of things going in and about their lives here.  One such amusing weekly shenanigan in Delhi that anyone may come across is the Chor Bazaar. It extends from the lanes of Jama Masjid, reaching way far to the shady Knicks and knacks of Daryaganj. As the name suggests, it is a market of thieves that opens its road-side stalls and thelas every Sunday, even before the sun rises. There is a lot to buy here at cheapest of the prices in the most chaotic of the crowds. Take a look at what all things you can rake in at this out-of-the-world street market.

1. Men’s Shoes
One of the only few flea markets in Delhi, that has a variety of stuff for the men folk to enjoy. Forget those expensive pairs of woodland, for you have got their awesome-sauce counterparts selling at mind-boggling prices here on the streets of Chor Bazaar. Not only the glossy leather shoes, buy footwear like rubber sandals, slippers and converse. The key to success here is to have an eye for the good stuff. Take a nice look, and check each piece before buying.

chor bazaar

2. Cameras
Yes! You heard that right. You can even buy cameras like Nikon and Canon in this flea market for around 4000 bucks. The search for this perfect machinery has to start when the market starts stocking up on things. This means you have to rush here around 5 or 6 in the morning- that’s when the most amazing of the cameras can be purchased. Getting late can make you lose on the good pieces. Don’t expect for a guarantee or warranty though. You are in a thieves’ market, not a flashy store in a mall.

chor bazaar

3. Sports Equipment
If you are thinking of getting back into shape, or just want to tone up some muscles- you are in for a treat. Chor Bazaar is known for its sports equipment like dumbbells and weight, again at some dirt-cheap prices. Stock these babies, and get started with your workout sessions.

chor bazaar

4. Mobile Phones, TV Remotes and other Gadgets
Buying a new phone can be a huge pain if a planned budget is what rules your shopping habits. When in need of a quick buy and throw phone, or a replacement for the lost TV remote, Chor Bazaar is where you should head to. Take a nice and good look at whatever you are buying, for you may not see that seller again, ever!

chor bazaar

5. Books, books, and loads of Books
The flea market extends up to the lanes of Daryaganj, which is known for its Sunday Book Market. This is where you can buy the likes of Dalrymple, Gandhi or Marquez for as low as 50 rupees. If not that, buy books using a weighing scale- who knew books could be bought like sabzi and bhaji.

chor bazaar

So get out your microscopic goggles, and rush to this market to buy that ‘Raste ka Maal Sastey Me

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